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The Birzeit University Fund was established in 1978 by Karim & Suheila Ajluni. Its mission is to provide Palestinian youth with the opportunity to earn a college education. It is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, tax exempt charitable corporation of the United States Revenue code.

Over the years, it has raised millions of dollars for scholarships for thousands of students, as well as funds for building vital new facilities on campus, such as class rooms. Such recent projects include The Naseeb Shaheen Auditorium and The Azeez Shaheen Clinic. These state of the art projects were namely funded by the Naseeb Shaheen Foundation and the Azeez Shaheen Foundation, as well as other sources.

We thank all who have contributed to Birzeit University. We also give our sincerest appreciation in advance for your interest in improving the lives of future generations of Palestinians and their families.